Service shaft: boom at apple expects google expected

Service Shaft: Boom at Apple expects Google expected

Apple wants to make a lot of sales with his race – too, too, to compensate for the up and down the hardware business. At the services of the group, you usually think of icloud, apple music, apple tv + and co. – but these are only comparatively small items. Much more money is earned with commissions in the app store and what many do not know in the search business. These revenues come directly from google, because apple allows the search giant to be a family picking machine in the browser safari on iphone, ipad and mac.

Analyst: forecasts too low

According to current estimates, there were between 8 billion and $ 12 billion in us dollars. And the sum should be increased. As the well-known apple analyst katy huberty writes in a new report for the bankhaus morgan stanley, the search-driven payments to apple will "accelerate". The already optimistic predictions for the fiscal years 2021 and 2022 had to be increased, according to huberty – about three or funf percent.

The forecasts for apple’s service shaft in the coming two years are too low on wall street, criticized huberty. In the marzquartal, apple’s app store business should have been well – people are in home office and buy more apps, subscriptions and in-app buying, of which apple receive 15 or 30 percent commission. Nevertheless, apple has a catch-up hunt. Since other service-driven companies grow faster, huberty reduced their short destination of the apple share from 164 to $ 155.

Plant apple own search engine?

Apple’s lucrative search decel with google for a long time. He was still negotiated by apple-mitbinder steve jobs with the then google boss eric schmidt. 2005, two years before the market launch of the first iphone, it was all first about the search in the safari browser on the mac. Jobs decided to set google as a general standard search engine. "In turn, google apple maintained a significant percentage of google’s promotional revenue that came from the searches on apple rates," says it in a cartel lawsuit of the ministry of justice against google.

In the iphone manufacturer you should have always considered to build up your own search engine – then google did not have to give any revenue that will be achieved on your own platform. Richtily, apple has already tapped the privacy-powered search engine duckduckgo as an overall target. However, in these things, there was nothing happening so far.

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