Staged theater before a looming financial tsunami

Greece vote in the bundestag

Many german media focused for days on the greece vote in the bundestag. Whether on tv talk shows, in news broadcasts or in the headlines of the print media – everywhere the topic was at the top of the agenda, and this despite the fact that the result of the vote had been determined long beforehand. Why?

In a time of continuously decreasing credibility of politics and media, the impression of a functioning parliamentary democracy should obviously be created with all power. To this end, the image of the hard-pressed member of parliament struggling with his conscience in order to "difficult" political decisions.

This spectacle, staged at great expense, is particularly important at the moment, as the alarm signs in the skies of the financial system are currently intensifying considerably. The global real economy is stagnating or shrinking, and the stock, bond and real estate markets have seen the formation of more coarse bubbles than before 2008. Global debt is at a record level of almost 200 trillion us dollars and the derivatives sector – the sector that led to the near crash in 2008 – has grown by 20%. Accompanied by the economic downturn in china and the other brics countries, the collapse in commodity prices and the dramatically accelerating withdrawal of credit from emerging markets.

Aggravating is the fact that the money printing of the ecb (which since march of this year daily pumps 2 billion. Euros into the system every day since march of this year) is increasingly fizzling out without effect and interest rates are already at 0.05 percent, so a further reduction would have no significant effect. The sobering realization: while the situation has worsened dramatically and the risks have become greater than they were seven years ago, the resources needed to control a systemic crisis have been exhausted.

The helplessness of those responsible in the face of this catastrophic situation could be seen in the discussion before the bundestag vote on the further strategy toward greece: since the imf made the granting of additional loans conditional on a debt cut, the european negotiators, who reject such a cut, are openly considering a debt extension to a period of sixty to one hundred (!) years after.

Even though many media outlets claim otherwise on a daily basis: not only greece, but the entire global financial system, which was rescued with taxpayers’ money in 2008, is currently in dire straits. In addition, the stability of the political system is in great danger, because it is becoming increasingly clear to a growing number of people that all the promises made after the crash of 2008 were nothing but lies.

Politicians have never come close to putting the financial industry in its place, let alone regulating it. On the contrary: big banks, hedge funds and other international financial institutions determine the course of the world today more unconditionally than ever before and their criminality becomes clearer every day, as the many revelations about market manipulations show. Just like the more and more difficult to hide fact that many mainstream media and politicians do nothing else than selling the interests of the financial industry as their own to the people.

It was clear to each of those eligible to vote that the "aid package"will in no way contribute to getting greece back on its feet economically in any way

So much for the omens under which the vote on greece took place in the bundestag on wednesday, and which was not about a dismissal of content or an exchange of arguments. The aim of the staging was to put an official stamp on the decisions already taken by unelected eu, ecb and imf technocrats to stabilize the financial system at the expense of further impoverishing the weakest sections of the greek population. In this way, the impression was to be created that the majority of the german population is behind its government. In addition, live broadcasts on numerous television stations were intended to present the public once again with a concentrated display of the ludicrousness on which the alleged "senator" was based "greece bailout" truncates.

Finance minister schauble was given the opportunity for the umpteenth time to tell the untruth about the "of the good path greece was on last year, and in doing so, once again", and thus once again to enter into the ideological confines of a well-known politician who already recognized eighty years ago that a lie only has to be repeated often enough to be burned into the collective consciousness of the german people. Also the term "aid package" for the interest-bearing loans, which are subject to the most stringent conditions and most of which go directly into the accounts of international financial institutions, serves only to mislead the public and must seem like a mockery to the working greek population, especially the unemployed, pensioners and young people deprived of their future.

It was clear to everyone who voted on wednesday that the approved package will in no way help greece to get back on its feet economically or even to create the conditions for an improvement in its situation. Its only purpose is to prop up a long-bankrupt country for the purpose of satisfying its creditors and further plundering its resources by international investors who are already circling over the country like vultures.

The fact that during the debate some deputies also mentioned the suffering of the greek people, criticized the measures as inhumane and that in the end several dozen parliamentarians voted against the package for different reasons, was by no means, as claimed in the media, for those in power, "a slap in the face". On the contrary: it was completely in their sense, because it contributes to conceal the own anti-democratic attitude, to lend an air of credibility to the enforcement of dictatorial measures and to hang the intended pseudo-democratic cloak around the whole production.

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