The first internet park bank has already been misappropriated

Some people are said to have even brought their notebooks to the park bench to be used for the purpose

The world’s first internet park bank has naturally caused a sensation. It went online on monday. However, it soon became clear that internet infrastructures in public areas are not without risks. Already a few hours after the start, vandals tried to paralyze it.

The british branch of msn had the idea of setting up a park bench with internet access for several notebooks in the public park of bury st. Edmunds in suffolk. Edmunds park in suffolk with internet access. Then it would be possible to use the internet "in a more natural environment" enjoy. Four devices can be connected at the same time in the natural environment, if rain, wind or cold do not limit the enjoyment. The internet users were to be allowed to use the connection free of charge for three months. For safety’s sake, the bench was secured with steel straps before it was taken away. The cables from the connections in the backrests were led under the ground inside the bench to the telephone network.

The bench was inaugurated by the mayor, who also sent the first mail from the "cyber seat" from the cyber seat:

"I am delighted to be sending the very first email from the world’s first internet bench! This email is for you, on behalf of the two visionaries who made it happen, msn.Co.Uk and st edmundsbury borough council.

Here at the abbey gardens of bury st edmunds, suffolk, england, we find ourselves at the birthplace of the magna carta. Now we are here for another world first! The cyber seat is a pilot experiment to encourage people of all ages to surf the net in the great outdoors. Msn’s vision is to help people connect to the web any time and from any place, so where better to do so than our award-winning gardens?.

So…Now i’ve done it, it’s your turn! Come along and experience the internet bench for yourself. It’s free to use and you can use it any time from 9am to 6pm. All you have to do is plug your laptop into the sockets concealed in the inside arms of the bench and power up. Whether you feel like a break from the office, want to email friends and family, store online or simply surf the internet at leisure msn’s internet bench is the prefect place to spend quality time online."

The first internet park bench has already been misappropriated

The mayor in action at the inauguration ceremony

Apparently the vandals did not want to use the internet bench for its intended purpose. Already a few hours after the installation they tried to block one of the modems. This was quickly noticed by the technicians, reports bbc. After the repair, however, they found that some visitors had also converted the connections to make long-distance calls. When msn advertised that the bank would fulfill the wish to be able to work outdoors in nice weather, it probably applies not only to good internet users, but to bad crackers as well.

The partner in the internet parkbank project with msn was also st. Edmundsbury council. Edmundsbury council. A spokeswoman ared that the networked bank had attracted widespread interest. Many people had come, sat down and had their picture taken – just as msn had wished. In order to prevent further unwanted attacks, guards are supposed to check the bench regularly. In the evening, the park is locked, but this did not prevent everyone from climbing over the fence.

As for the telephone calls, they have already started to use more serious means. The bt have now installed the connection in such a way that only local calls are possible. Some people are said to bring notebooks and use them properly. Otherwise, we will surely hear more about the competition between vandals and security guards.

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