The pisa follow-up

Unesco and oecd present supplementary study

On monday of this week in london, unesco and oecd presented the supplementary pisa study "basic skills for tomorrow’s world" . In contrast to the pisa 2000 study, this time 43 countries rather than 32 were analyzed and examined with regard to the competencies of 15-year-old school students in the areas of reading, mathematics and science.

Of the new non-oecd countries albania, argentina, bulgaria, chile, hong kong (china), indonesia, israel, macedonia, peru, romania and thailand placed in the bottom third of the ranking, thus closing the gap between germany and the red lantern. However, hong kong (china) was ranked third behind finland and korea, pushing germany to 22nd place in reading literacy. In the areas of mathematics and science, german schoolchildren, from whom, however, no new data were collected, landed in 21st place. Even more important than this unpleasant result, however, was the fact that germany’s education policy was once again criticized for a lack of equal opportunities. In germany, social background is more decisive for success at school than in many other countries.

But massive problems were also identified elsewhere. In the oecd countries, around 18% of schoolchildren achieve only the lowest level of reading literacy; in albania, brazil, macedonia and peru, the figure is well over 50%. In order to prevent or at least limit the global increase in illiteracy, the authors propose to, "improve educational opportunities for the disadvantaged and minorities and target schools where socially disadvantaged groups are disproportionately represented." in addition, a stronger participation of children in school life, a "positive teamwork within the teaching staff" and the promotion of independence at school have a positive influence on learning success. It’s about time, otherwise someone will actually get the idea to seriously ask why and for whom the german federal minister edelgard bulmahn is organizing a conference in berlin with the so promising title of "export article education" hosts …

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