Service Shaft: Boom at Apple expects Google expected

Apple wants to make a lot of sales with his race – too, too, to compensate for the up and down the hardware business. At the services of the group, you usually think of icloud, apple music, apple tv + and co. – but these are only comparatively small items. Much more money is earned with commissions in the app store and what many do not know in the search business. These revenues come directly from google, because apple allows the search giant to be a family picking machine in the browser safari on iphone, ipad and mac.

Analyst: forecasts too low

According to current estimates, there were between 8 billion and $ 12 billion in us dollars. And the sum should be increased. As the well-known apple analyst katy huberty writes in a new report for the bankhaus morgan stanley, the search-driven payments to apple will "accelerate". The already optimistic predictions for the fiscal years 2021 and 2022 had to be increased, according to huberty – about three or funf percent.

The forecasts for apple’s service shaft in the coming two years are too low on wall street, criticized huberty. In the marzquartal, apple’s app store business should have been well – people are in home office and buy more apps, subscriptions and in-app buying, of which apple receive 15 or 30 percent commission. Nevertheless, apple has a catch-up hunt. Since other service-driven companies grow faster, huberty reduced their short destination of the apple share from 164 to $ 155.

Coraliberbre: The Corona warning app without Google services

The corona warning app (cwa), which was developed on behalf of the federal government of sap and deutsche telekom or. Android is known to know the google play services to function. This means that in germany, several million people can not install the cwa, as their smartphone does not comply with this prerequisite.

But these are not only people who are particularly important to their privacy and therefore all google services from android, but also to all customers of the chinese manufacturer huawei, which is due to legal requirements of the us government google’s services should not be used. To loose this problem, a group of developers around app-schmiede cosee gmbh from darmstadt develops the open source app coraliberbre – a fork of the official cwa, which is to run on android phones without google.

Without play services no contact tracing

Although google had promised shortly after the presentation of the contact tracing api developed together with apple, about it that this occurs at any point without play services, but this does not seem to have a rough priority. On corresponding inquiries on this topic, the group then does not even answer. It seems to be with the open source developers to ensure that more people can use the android version of the cwa. And that is not a small task. In conversation with our site explained the cosee developers how exactly the corona warning app works without google.

New 12.9' ipad pro angeblich inkompatibel zu 'altem' magic keyboard' ipad pro angeblich inkompatibel zu 'altem' magic keyboard

The first generation of the groben magic keyboard applies to apple internally reports as incompatible with the new 12.9" ipad pro. The reason for this seems to be the new display technique: the backlight from over 10.000 mini leds makes the new edition of the tablet a little heavy and minimal thicker, according to apple’s information, the depth now lets himself at 6.4 millimeters, so it is exactly half a millimeter thicker than the process.

New 12.9" ipad pro is thicker

To what extent the additional 0.5 millimeter represents an actual problem when using the former magic keyboard, remains open for the time being. For this reason, the new ipad in the folded state is no longer properly enclosed or clamped too tight, maybe it is only a purely asthetic blemish that makes no significant difference in practice. In any case, in an internal documentation for the apple store, the manufacturer points to the incompatibility, like igeneration.For reported.

With the import of the ipad pro 2021, apple has introduced a new color variant of the magic keyboard, besides black, the keyboat hull is still in the woman in a woman. Further changes have not been known so far. The new version can only be pre-ordered from the end of april, it should be after apple’s information from waiting for all existing models, so can on the 11" ipad pro of the first, second and third generation and ipad air 4 are used. The coarse export is now for the new 12.9" ipad pro of feden generation also thought like for the two transactions, ie all models from redesign in 2018.

HomePod Mini: Users complain about Internet dropouts

Potential dispatch after unpacking: owners of the brand new homepod mini report problems with the network connection of the small smart speaker.

Corresponding complaints are available in both english speaking and german-speaking official apple support forum. The ongoing operation of the siri speaker is interrupted with the note that it is interrupted "problems with the internet connection" giving.

Home app is silent

Further error messages, such as in the home application, does not ie the homepod mini, but the music reproduction and use of siri first do not work anymore as usual. A restart on the home app usually helps, sometimes a simple separation of electricity. An on / off switch does not have the devices, they drive up immediately after supply with electricity.

Apple collects $ 14 billion with bonds 14 billion US dollars

Apple has again launched a gigantic bond program. Like the financial news agency bloomberg reported, a total of $ 14 billion was collected by investors. This is already the third time since may 2020 that apple worried about billions of bond market. The group uses the currently very low interest rates paid by stable companies.

According to the report, apple sold the bonds in a total of six tranches. The most long-running bond over 40 years landed at only 95 basis points via us government bonds (treasuries). Previously, values were discussed between 115 and 120 basis points, but the investors were also ready to satisfy themselves with such a small interest rate.

Dividends and stock pricing

Apple has never made new debts since 2017 than once in the calendar year. But the currently paid low interest rates in the corona crisis are too lucrative for the group. The money is used by the most valuable company to us markets for stock budgies as well as dividend payments. Currently there are companies that the evaluation "investment grade" have averaged nine-year bonds for interest by 1.86 percent.

The chinese provider xiaomi has taken the place of its us sanctions in the global smartphone market competitors huawei. According to calculations of the analysis company canalys, xiaomi die in the second quarter at the rate at the second place in the industry and jerked near market drivers samsung.

Strong growth

Xiaomi therefore increased its sales within one year by 83 percent and reached a market share of 17 percent. Samsung came to 19 percent. Apple with his iphone followed on the third place with 14 percent, as canalys reported on the night of friday. The top 5 complete the chinese providers oppo and vivo with around ten percent market share.

"Xiaomi builds its international business rapidly", said ben stanton of canalys. The manufacturer has more than quadrupled its sales in latin america and also in europe also reported significant growth with an increase of 50 percent. "This year is one of the top priorities for xiaomi, the sales of high-end advanced as the mi 11 ultra to boost."