Altmaier: Benefit for expansion of chipparting use

Germany and europe, according to federal minister of economics peter altmaier, have to use the upswing after the corona crisis for an expansion of the capacities in semiconductor production. The trend that the world market share of europe in this area is more and more shrinking, muse and reversed, emphasized the cdu politician on thursday when visiting semiconductor manufacturers infineon and globalfoundries in dresden. "We talk about a tremendous growth industry." part of the growth muse in germany and europe take place.

Chip deficiency meets auto industry

Most recently, the corona pandemic had taken care of a skyrocketed demand for notebooks and other computer technology. Many manufacturers, especially the auto industry, is currently making a scarcity of microelectronics chips to create. But even after the pandemic, the need for new technologies like the internet of things and industry 4.0 growing further, so altmaier.

The minister of economic affairs referred to ongoing talks with the european commission for a planned new edition of the european aid program ipcei for microelectronics. Thus, the local industry should catch up with the residue to asia and the usa. More than 50 urban projects were filed according to altmaier – in germany alone is the demand for demand for several billion euros.

Against whiplash

Munich, 16. August 2007 – a rear-end collision can have painful consequences. Because if one’s own car is hit from behind, the occupants are threatened by the furrowed whiplash injury. It is caused by the sudden impact of energy from behind. In the process, the head is first thrown forward and then backward. Bmw now wants to take countermeasures. In fall 2007, a number of vehicles from munich will be fitted with newly developed crash-active head restraints. They will be offered as standard in the 6, 5, x5 and x3 model series.

Reduced distance to the head

The system is controlled by the vehicle’s safety electronics system. In the event of a collision, it moves the front part of the head rest forward by up to six centimeters and upward by up to four centimeters. This reduces the distance to the head even before it is thrown backwards. In this way, the risk of injury or overstretching in the cervical spine area of the vehicle occupants is reduced. If the headrest safety mechanism has been tripped, a message appears in the instrument cluster reminding that a workshop should be visited to replace the pyroactuator.

Individually adjustable

The crash-active headrest is easily recognizable by its two-part design. It consists of the support and the impact plate with padding that can be variably moved forward. In the side area, the upholstered part has a button for manual depth adjustment. This allows the position of the cushion to be varied by up to three centimeters in three locking positions. The comfort seats with electric adjustment, which are optional in most cars, already have active headrests. In the future, a second variant of the new development will be used here. It has side bolsters that extend over the entire height of the cushion.

Art of movement

Basel (ch), 12. May 2016 – the restorators of the museum tinguely in basel are standing in front of an almost unbelievable problem: on the 3. September this year is to attend "le safari de la mort moscovite" at the "grandprix tinguely" in friborg. The kinetic artwork, which somewhat contemporaries reminded of a vehicle from the "mad max" coin films and was crowned by a sense, was created in 1989 by jean tinguely for an exhibition in moscow. It is based on a previously used renault 5 (r5) and has not been driven for about 20 years. The car is supposed to symbolize death and refer to the undertaking of the western luxury. How appropriate does no one be predicting what can be damaged in the planned ride in friborg on the vehicle.

Le safari de la mort moscovite was on a route. Tinguelyy’s assistant seppi imhof’s assistant should have turned with him in 1990 repeatedly around the exhibition building in moscow. An alleged nightly detour to the red place is not occupied. Only a photomontage of the photographer leonardo bezzola shows the vehicle before the snowy kremlin.

The foundation of the artwork is a renault 5 special model "safari", which is not quite clear where it comes from. It may be the used car of a well-known tinguely, which was converted from the artist to a so-called kinetic construction. In addition to the sense already mentioned, tinguely and imhof were mounted several imposing animal scrapes and other finds such as a plush dog, a plastic flower and a rotating grapevine to the body of the r5. A total of eight raders from different materials are powered by straps and a chain. At the rear is a motorcycle wheel, which can be omitted and then drives through the propulsion the other raders. In the museum, a small electric motor has been installed for this. The eight animal scrapes are also integrated into the movement sequence. They were trophies of a coarse deildejager and come part of antelopes and buffets.

The new bmw 5er: first exit with 530d and 535i

Lisbon (portugal), 22. January 2010 – "harry, get the car": in this sentence, which has supposedly never spoken in a derrick episode, many a funer bmw of the first series e12 appears in front of the spiritual eye – preferably in biederen grun or brown tones. With the blackness, it was at the latest with the 2003 5er launched in the bangle design, passing and coarse growth from generation to generation acted in the fact that the "upscale mid-range" has made a quantum leap towards her ancestors from the 1970s and 1980s.

Family at 7 and 5 gt

After the new 7er and the novel 5er gt, the sixth generation of the middle bmw sedan now occurs on the plan: he also carries the new munchner fashion with coarse kidney, a striking light edge in the shoulder line and a striking tail. Under the sheet working more economical engines, the chassis has been completely wrapped and the equipment list has grown around some upper class features. After a first sample in november 2009, we were curious how the newcomer ride. Now we were at 530d and 535i around lisbon and on the early formula 1 racetrack in portuguese estoril.

Quite at

Almost 4.90 meter car are in front of us – the new one is 4 centimeters long than his process. The proportions have also changed: shortest overhange and forward leave the bavarian carriage a lot more athletic than the outgoing model. His role in the growing portfolio of munchner sedan seems clearly set: for representation animals you take a 7er, inhabited space requirement a 5 gt and a sporty progress the new 5er.