Decisive weaknesses of the superconductor magnesium diboride

Robert j. Cava and his colleagues at princeton university have discovered that the new superconductor (new superconductor magnesium diboride) has critical weaknesses. Jun akimitsu of aoyama-gakuin university in japan and colleagues from other universities had found that magnesium boride could be cooled at the temperature of 39 kelvin (minus 234.15 degrees celsius) has superconducting properties. In the same ie of nature in which they presented their results, robert cava had commented enthusiastically on the groundbreaking discovery: "sensational!". The princeton physicist and superconductor specialist was excited by this simple substance, which can be bought in any chemistry supply store for very little money. It was clear from the start that mgb2 was not a dream material, but experts have repeatedly achieved decisive performance improvements in superconductors in the past, even with minor changes. Cava immediately set to work with his colleagues to test the properties of magnesium boride.

A superconducting ring whose thickness is much coarser than the london penetration depth. The dotted lines symbolize magnetic flux penetration.

Greece vote in the bundestag

Many german media focused for days on the greece vote in the bundestag. Whether on tv talk shows, in news broadcasts or in the headlines of the print media – everywhere the topic was at the top of the agenda, and this despite the fact that the result of the vote had been determined long beforehand. Why?

In a time of continuously decreasing credibility of politics and media, the impression of a functioning parliamentary democracy should obviously be created with all power. To this end, the image of the hard-pressed member of parliament struggling with his conscience in order to "difficult" political decisions.

Daimler boss dieter zetsche does not have sebastian vettel to the formula 1 world­master­congratulated. The connector and his mercedes motorsport boss norbert haug will have persecuted the triumph of the german but benevolent. Daimler is the only rough german carmaker in the expensive secondary class. The bavarian competitor bmw has adopted a year ago. Even the vw group to the world top has no ambitions to send his brands porsche or audi to the race.

At daimler, the commitment devours million sums per year. After drawing up the swabia, the but well-designed money – and vettel despite his victory with a renault engine a class ambassador for the entire german auto industry. "Of course it is very good if a german driver formula is 1-world champion", says haug. "Germany is the carewell, today you can be more positive to the car than ever, and a competent sympathy carrier like sebastian vettel as a world champion fits the picture in the picture."

The industry observer ferdinand dudenhoffer does not see any positive vettel effect. "Therefore, no car will be sold in the german car industry more or less." he also sees the general benefit of a formula 1 commitment for the manufacturers skeptical. "Hard hard is not worth it." the millions should be better in research and development in his opinion. "If you put your money into a motor support, it is better invested as if you leave a car around the curve."

Grune against, left for

The federal government plans to make cash payments legal in the future only up to a limit of 5.000 euros will be legal. State secretary for finance michael meister of the cdu justifies this with the financing of terrorism, which in his opinion would be made more difficult. Before that, however, the federal government wants to work toward an international or eu-wide ban. However, if this does not happen soon, germany will, according to meister "go ahead".

The spd is the main party in the federal government pushing for the ban. It had already called last week for 500-euro bills to be withdrawn from circulation. Earlier, deutsche bank ceo john cryan had declared at the world economic forum in davos that cash was "terribly expensive and inefficient", and help "only money launderers and other criminals to disguise their businesses", why it "disappear in the next ten years" will. When a record loss for the financial institution was announced shortly afterwards, science fiction writer tom hillenbrand wondered on twitter: "let’s see who is more likely to disappear, cash or deutsche bank"?

Blockchain strategy of the Federal Government delivers little results so far

A total of 44 projects had written the federal government with the national blockchain strategy presented in september 2019 – to a result but has come to a conclusion but only a small part. This comes from a response of the federal government to the small request of the fdp group, which is our site.

Accordingly, the 44 projects of the strategy so far have completed six, three not yet started and the rest is paid as starting. According to the list of the federal government, two of the completed projects are now legislation, namely the national implementation of the 5. Eu money laundering, which, among other things, introduced regulations for crypto-looking service providers, as well as the regulations for electronic securities. The other completed projects is a round-table event, study tender and rather general intentions, for example, to certain demands that can be seen as an invalescent.

Directory for device identities

However, projects that are actual applications are not so far. Among other things, this year a pilot project of the german energy agency (dena) for blockchain-based energy plant connections should be achieved. Developed in a so-called "blockchain machine identity ledger", the a digital and decentralized directory for gerate identities should be. According to federal government, according to the federal government complementar to intelligent measurement, the integration of energy generation systems into the energy system can be measured as well as fevering further value-added services. At the end of 2021, the yield of the then expiring pilot project should be made public.

Blink ban from 2009

I stand in front of a red traffic light, right-wing track. Suddenly knocked on my side window and a friendly young man asks: can i help? – help? Whereby? – well, you have a breakdown. Your warning lights is on – the incurred is broken, it only goes right. I’m speechless, and the man is surprised when i just go. After the curve, the turn signal lever speeds clearly horny into its starting position. So that was it! I accidentally had the direction indicator.

Retraining required
that the re-training "use of intermittent light sources for danger traffic for driving license owners class a to f", which was suggested to all ages vehicle holders, but also calculated on my business trip … At all, i have no driving license, but only a gray empight, politically incorrect, but obviously full-washable "fuser license" in full equipment, options one to five.

It is no longer flashed, and that’s good. Since the fall of grid depletion has been observed by the led turn signals drilling into the iris and even two road users from the nervous flashes and -nke at a bab hiking construction site suffered an epileptic seizure, the non-flashing is non-impunity and in the insured event with no disadvantages more.

Softbank was able to sell CPU developer arm again

The japanese softbank group superimposed to sell the british chip developer arm completely or partially. A boron is also considered. Report us media catering to initiate. Softbank should already have received an offer. As a consultant, the financial institute of goldman protect sachs. Arm chips are stuck in almost all smartphones.

Arm has its headquarters in the great britain and designs chip architectures. These are then licensed to chip manufacturers. Other licensees are technical companies such as apple and samsung, which evolve the arm architectures to develop their own processors. Overall, licensees have so far delivered more than 165 billion arm chips, of which 22 billion last year.

Softbank needs money

In 2016, the japanese telecommunications group had informed softbank to buy poor. In 2017, the supp receipt of the chip developer was then completed. The purchase price: 24 billion pounds (at that time around 29 billion euros or 32 billion dollars). Softbank boss masayoshi son lay people’s suppuratively, even if it was not very clear how the purchase fits into the group family.

France: government wants tolls for foreign trucks

Paris government wants to charge foreign trucks for using french roads. "We are working (…) on a kind of vignette, in particular to make it possible to tax, to some extent, the foreign trucks that only pass through france," environment minister francois de rugy told the bfmtv channel. "We want to find the right solution in 2019." the french transport industry reacted with concern and wants to resist additional costs for their companies.

The otre association warned that such a reduction would also have to apply to french vehicles. Eu rules prohibit in principle discrimination against foreign trucks by road tolls. Minister de rugy gave details of the considerations in the interview on sunday (sept. 23). Sept. 2018) – it remained open, for example, for whom and on which roads the fee could be compulsory. However, he ared that the relevant eu directive would be respected.

It is not just a question of ecological considerations, said de rugy: resources are needed to finance investments in the road and rail network "so that we do not suffer phenomena like the accident in genoa". A highway bridge collapsed in the italian city in mid-august, killing 43 people.