Surface Duo: Update makes the Folding Handy to the Xbox handheld

The android-based klapphandy surface duo becomes a kind of xbox handheld: with an update for the application xbox cloud gaming microsoft now uses both screens of the duo full. The gameplay is displayed on the upper display, during the lower screen, the controls are displayed as a touch flat. The update was already published in the usa, in germany the app in the play store has not been renewed.

With its two screens, the surface duo reminds, for example, on nintendos legendar game boy mobil consoles. The virtual game pad on the lower of the two surface screens includes all buttons that need for the respective game in touch-form. The two sticks can also be implemented as a touch-flat.

About 50 games with touch control

Not every game supports this touch input: only since april microsoft has added touch-support at 50 titles to which among others "gears 5" and "sea of thieves" belong. A complete list of games that are controllable via touch controls has published microsoft on its website.

PlayStation 5: Digital Event Confirmed

In a playstation 5-showcase sony wants to ask other games for the upcoming game console. These are the information published yesterday to updates to the latest titles of playstation studios and information of partner developers. The games should come on the market with and after the publication of the playstation 5.

Live stream on wednesday

The showcase should be transferred to the video platforms youtube and twitch via live stream, starts on wednesday, 16. September, at 22 o’clock and takes about 40 minutes, sony explains in the blog post.

Playstation 5 showcase – wednesday, september 16

Microsoft Edge snaps data from other browsers - without approval

Windows 10 users get the latest version of microsoft’s browser edge with the current update. Automatically open a dialog box for setting up the browser. As shown in this time, this data stored by other installed browsers – such as firefox and chrome.

For the information, the edge, accook, properties, form data, history and bookmarks as well as favorites. According to users, this happens, which, among other things, complain about reddit in it, even if you take the dialog box immediately over the task manager. Microsoft does not remove until users have consented to a transfer – this consent will not be queried only at the end of the setup process. Copied bookmarks were immediately immediately in edge, after completion and negation but disappeared again, is reported in the forum. Who does not export the institution to the end, can not prevent transmission at all and in case of doubt not even something.

More bugdate as update

The new chromium-based browser edge has been available as download since january, microsoft started automatically to deliver it to all users with windows 10. He lost the so-called legacy edge browser and makes itself the standard first. This has been a recurrent argganis for many microsoft users for years. Updates should appear on the distance of six weeks each.

Patchday: Microsoft stuffs critical luck in Exchange Server

On the last patchday of this year, microsoft closed a total of 58 security. Who uses windows and other software from microsoft should ensure that windows update has installed security patches for azure devops, azure sdk, azure sphere, chakracore, edge, exchange server, visual studio and windows. In the default setting, the automatically happens.

Nine lights are with the degree of threat "critical" classy. These vulnerabilities relate to chakra scripting engine by edge, dynamics for finance operations, exchange, hyper-v and sharepoint.

Critical security

If the attackers use the leach, for example, they could break out of a vm (cve-2020-17095) and shadcode in the host system exports. For a successful attack, an attacker must be able to start a generated application in the guest system. Microsoft is followed by microsoft for errors in the processing of vsmb packet data and in the host system could land schadcode.

USA: Trump wants to ban Tiktok

The us prasident donald trump wants to ban the short video app tiktok in the us, and that will be on this saturday. Fellow journalists explained trump on friday evening (local time) in the air force one: "as far as tktok is concerned, we banish them from the usa". He has the power and konne to do that with a prasident’s disguise. On friday, according to informed circles had become known that microsoft was interested in toktok. According to the journalists, trump clearly made it against a deal at which a us company will take over the american operation of tiktok.

Security concerns

Tiktok is always in criticism due to safety concerns, privacy and censorship. The chinese company bytedance bought the karaoke app musical.Ly and overtook all users within a year in his competitive product tktok. A us committee initiated in 2019 for data protection concerns of us user data, which may be available in access by chinese, and content censorship.

Bytedance subbed from chinese legislation, then the allegation. Bytedance then explained that tiktok is completely operated outside china, which stores data stored on us servers and have not been passed on to the government in beijing at any time, and this will not happen, the company should be prompted for it. In china, the company operates the version douyin.