"Buddenbrooks" and the low standards of sophisticated cinema in germany

It is by no means the case, as forest and meadow moths like to believe, that there are no capable forces for good films in germany. "They can’t do it anyway."We just don’t have the actors in germany," etc., etc., etc."Et cetera. There are many good people in all departments – costume, script, set, acting, book; people who know their craft, work carefully and are sometimes inspired. And they certainly existed in the production of "buddenbrooks," the 16-million-euro thomas mann adaptation. Nevertheless: "the ingredients were certainly all very good." was not to be taken as special praise in any restaurant.


All images: warner

Mini PC to Play: Zotac brings Magnus One with Geforce RTX 3070

In the mini-pc magnus one (ecm73070c), zotac brings powerful components to a small room. Unlike the previous advantages of the e-series, the manufacturer builds this time coarsely divide desktop hardware that exchanges when needed. Zotac positions the mini-pc as a all-rounder, which is supposed to be suitable as a workstation and gaming system.

Zotac builds in the magnus one intel’s core i7-10700 series comet lake-s (8 cores, 16 threads, 2.9-4.8 ghz). Thus, the cpu will soon be obvious to the old iron, as intel in marz 2021 wants to introduce the successor generation rocket lake-s. Also on board are nvidia’s current desktop graphics card geforce rtx 3070 with its own cheating and 8 gb of ram. In magnus one, a customized lga1200 mainboard is used, which offers space for two so-dimm memory latches. That’s enough for a maximum of 64 gb ddr4-2933-sdram. Standard mabig builds zotac 16 gb.

In the preconfigured version zotac windows 10 home installed on a 512 gb of groben m.2-ssd with sata-6g connection. In addition, a 1-tbyte hdd is included in 2.5 inch format for additional data. Users can be another m.2-ssd with pci-express-3.0 connection refuses. Alternatively, zotac wants to sell the magnus one as a barebone where builders must install data carrier and ram.

Doctoral trade in the Darknet: Police lift off the wrong workshop

In magdeburg investigators have discovered a mutual false workshop for id cards. On wednesday, about 220 officers searched three apartments and the buro camouflaged workshop, as the federal police inspector of criminality facilities hall on thursday announced. They ensured data carrier and false utensils such as printers, printing plates, seals, chemicals and film elements. It was an action of the general officer frankfurt am main, central office on the combation of the internet criminalitat, and the federal police.

Three accused at the age of 23 to 24 years, since june 2018 in the darknet on marketplace as the 2019 wallstreet market and the crimenetwork.Co under the pseudonym "fakeid-dobby" fake documents offered. According to the assortment, recipes, leading german identity cards as well as identification documents from austria, italy, czech republic, poland and hungary. The three men should thus win around 45.Have achieved 000 euros. It was predominantly paid in the crypto food bitcoin.

Documental false in 140 fall

The two 24-year-old main accusations were brought to hesse, where they were conceded on thursday the adoption warrants of the district court geuben. According to them, the information is accused of community, commercial login analysis in 140 cases. The third accused at the age of 23 is on free fuv. According to the federal police, all three non-prefixed accused fees in the case of a conviction of multi-annual imprisonment.

Online course: Kritis - Additional Prufevahrungskompetenz for § 8a BSig

The two-day online course additional propping methods for § 8a bsig conveys the operators of critical infrastructures and their service providers the knowledge to examine critical infrastructures under the implementation of § 8a (3) of the bsi law for security. After completion of the final exam at the end of the course, the participants will receive the additional qualification "additional pruf procedure competence for § 8a bsig", with which they can carry out exams of security according to § 8a bsig.

The training is aimed at internal auditors, auditors and auditors with it examination experience, employee of the prudent body and employees of critical infrastructures. The speaker christin wilde-nebauer of hisolutions is certified lead auditor iso 27001 (auditor according to it security catalog according to § 11 abs.1a enwg and additional test procedure competence for § 8a bsig). The course follows the bsi training concept.

The course will find on the 12th. And 2. February 2021 as an online workshop with webex, so you can easily participate from your own desk. During the course, there is always the possibility to ask the speaker questions and exchange ideas with other participants. The course is limited to 20 participants to let enough room for all questions and intense learning. When booking up to 3.1.2021 get 10% frubbucherrabatt.

Bmw m3 e46 series comes with compressor from kneble to 459 hp

Pfalzgrafenweiler, 11. September 2009 – fruhe’s e46’s three-bmw series (construction time: 2000 to 2007) had already filled the conditions for scrapping program – but it is unlikely that someone has claimed this to send off his welfare m3 into the scrap press. And true love is not known. This is how it makes sense that the schwarzwalder tuner kneble autotechnik "beautiful" now a performance increase of 116 hp and an even more aggressive optics for the removed m3.

Almost 500 nm torque

The 3.2-liter six-cylinder of the "m3 supercharged" thanks to the compressor of series mabens 343 on 459 hp gerbacht. At the same time, the maximum torque growth from 365 to 498 nm. In addition to the charging system, the motor tuning includes a charge air cooler and a suitable software optimization. Who wants so much power in the m3, who also needs a well-made purse: the performance increase has the proud price of 13.000 euro.

High-performance brakes

For additional 1350 euros, kneifler assembles a sports dough steamer, which is made in stainless steel. The enormous performance also places new requirements for tires, chassis and brakes. For 6955 euros, there is a stoptech high-performance brake system with six-piston sticks and 380 × 32 millimeters of rough, slotted slices on the front axle. At the rear axle, brake discs of the dimension are 355 × 32 millimeters with four-piston saddles for the upset delay. The system is supplemented by a brake caliper gauge bolt of steel bus.

Blauppunkt supplements travelpilot series due to favorable entry-level navis

Hildesheim, 14. Marz 2008 – more and more brand manufacturers are now on the market with favorable entry-level navis. Also blaupunkt is at this trend and presents three cheap and at the same time chic equipment with the new travelpilot series.

Pure navigation

The travelpilot 100 with 3.5-inch display appears in elegant design with a black-glossy housing. Additional functions are largely renounced. The cards can be displayed both in 2d and 3d view. A light sensor automatically switches to the day or night mode. Map material is preinstalled for germany, austria and switzerland. With a supplied pc program, so-called pois (points of interests) such as hotels, restaurants or gas stations from the internet can be downloaded, save on an sd card and calculate as a driving destination.

Speed warner and pin code

The speed warning attentively makes the driver through optical and acoustic instructions at a high speed. By a pin code, the navigation apparatus can also be used against unauthorized access. The travelpilot 100 comes in the trade in april 2008 for 149 euros. If you spend a little more and invested 169 euros, then get the slightly better-equipped travelpilot 200. This device has an additional reception agent including integrated antenna for the traffic message channel (tmc), with which traffic congestion. In addition, the pois are already preinstalled here.

Without Privacy Shield: It gets tight for Facebooks data transfer to the USA

Jerkschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschschlag in the continuation of personal information through the irish subsidiary on the parent company in the us: the supreme court of ireland, the high court, pointed to the internet company’s demand on friday, an ex officio-initiated investigation of the irish privacy workers to block overruns. A decision of the data protection commission (dpc) in the case, which has been working for eight years, more closely opens.

Judge starks position of the dpc

Facebook had initially achieved a stage victory in the youngest schlenk of the dispute in september: at that time, the high court approved the consolidated to see a leading order of the dpc to stop the backed data transfers based on standard contract clauses (svk) in court. The present result of this control through the high court was not allowed to commit to the social media giant. Judge david barniville writes in the 197 pages long verdict (pdf file): "i reject all requests from facebook ireland." at the same time, he rejected the application made by the company in the procedure.

The dpc gives barniville the decision, he has charged its allegation of procedural abuse and misappropriation. Although the authority has been returned during the appeal. He had never been concluded, "that there is no basis for this reproach and gave". The allegations had not been raised and much earlier would have to be accumulated.

Samsung: 26 percent more profit by chips and displays

The sudkorean electronics group samsung increased its profit by 26.4 percent to € 6.6 trillion in the fourth quarter, about 4.9 billion euros,. As of thursday’s quarterly report, sales in the three-month period rose by 2.8 percent year-on-year from october to december 2020 to 61.55 trillion won.

Samsung continues to benefit from the effects of the corona crisis. So stop the demand for memory chips for servers and pcs. In the displays samsung placed compared to the third quarter. For the first quarter of the new business year, samsung predicts a slight increase in profit.

In the year-on-year, samsung cuts better in sales and profit in the fourth quarter, in contrast to the third quarter, however, sales and profits were back, as shown by samsung’s quarterly report. Accordingly, sales of 66.69 trillion won down to 61.55 trillions won, the gain went from 9.36 trillion won to 6.61 trillion won back. In the year 2020 samsung generated more than in 2019. 236.81 trillion won 2020 are 230.4 trillion won 2019 opposite. The profit fell 2020 with 26.41 trillion won noticeably high than 2019 with 21.74 trillion won out.

Red Hat Openshift Receipt Developer Sandbox for Kubernetes environments

Openshift, one of red hat-operated kubernetes platform for companies, has received a developer sandbox. Developers and developers kubernetes-based applications are apparently created in the environment you are familiar in parallel to productive operation. The advantage is that you can use the existing settings and configurations to use the existing settings and configurations during the app development as usual and not only new setups for development are carried out.

Private openshift environment with tool set

The developer sandbox within red hat openshift offers a private openshift environment in a shared multi-tenant cluster that is already preconfigured with an external set of developer tools. The development environment is intended to create prototypes and new applications in a secured environment, add new services, and for example to yield containers from source code or docker files.

Fingering in the sandbox

The feature should accelerate the application development and engage closer with the existing environment of openshift. Developers can also use the sandbox generally for the overlay with openshift. For this purpose, red hat has a number of exercises that imagine possible sandbox activities – for example, how to provide java applications on kubernetes or how to integrate the data analysis platform kafka into its own applications. The deployment of a sample application also drove the red-hat developers here step for step forward.

Basic movement

Hair, 19. February 2013 – in the strongly bonded compact class there is a lively change: the ford focus has been in germany for almost two years in our comparison, but in our comparison, however, the oldest model. The bmw 1er is just a little young, the mercedes a-class still quite fresh. The two young candidates raise a premium claim, the ford is rather from the burial camp. An exit should show if this leads to significant disadvantages in everyday life.

Turbo on the rise

Downsizing engines give in this class the sound. Most put on turbocharger, our three candidates do not make any exception. The most interesting thing is the concept of the ford ecoboost engine, because it is an in-one three-cylinder with 125 hp. Conventional are the four-cylinder engines of bmw and mercedes. In the 116i, a 1.6-liter turbo work works since the last generation change, just like in the new a 180. Most performance has the bmw with its 136 hp, during the ford (125) and the a-class (122 hp) practically the same.

As expected due to the high performance, the 1er with a standard sprint time of 8.5 seconds in front. The compact with the star falls slightly at 9.2 seconds, but especially coarse is the distance to the focus, which is equal to 11.3 seconds. This difference is amazing, because the subjective impression is another: the ford clearly offers the most lane, with a clear distance followed by the bmw and the relatively hot-tempered mercedes as a final light. At the superior torque, the driving joy can not lie in the focus, because here is the ford behind. He offers 170 nm, the a-class has 200 nm, and the bmw leads with 220 nm. The driving gun in the focus is therefore convincing because the car starts solly: at around 1800 / min you experience a surprising thrust. In contrast, the force develops with the competitors more equally necessary, which is more harmonious, but also brings less lane. Also, the sporty, slightly rough three-cylinder sound of the ecoboost engine faded. However, the ford is already at tempo 140 in comparison, during mercedes and bmw, it is acoustically backed up.