Munchen, 9. February 2015 – who in the compact class adds a station wagon with a lot of steam, but the cost may have in the bridle, stabbed a rather dunnes offer. However, ford and renault continue to help with focus st tournament and megane grandtour tce 220. We both tried.

If the budget does not allow a second car, the driving machine should be suitable for everyday life possible. That sounds like compact class with a lot of steam – and after combi. This connection is almost not found, alone ford and renault offer in the classic compact combination segment on 200 hp. Satte 250 hp brings the focus st to the front wheels; at least 220 you can paint with the megane tce 220 black strokes on the asphalt when you liked.

Understatement at the megane

From 26.600 euros there are the fast megane in the "gt-line" (obligation in connection with the engine discussed here). This is the sporty execution before rs, but the car acts discreetly. The specific schurzen specified in the list proves as a detrimental feature in striking silver – especially contrasting, but all other than intrusive. There is not even visible exhaust tubes (but a hitch clutch). Because the gt execution can also be combined with other motors, experienced noise can recognize the strength output at the badge on the b-saule.

In the fight against the particulate matter, environmental and traffic associations demand coarse environmental zones as well as a flat-covered speed limit of 40 km / h on main traffic tanks, 80 km / h auberorts and 120 km / h on highways. Bund, nabu, vcd and duh falled on wednesday in stuttgart "the weak efforts" of the country and presented her campaign "rubfrei furs klima". Dieselrub and nitrogen dioxide hose the health of the people, and stuttgart judge to the highest burdened german city, so the combination in a joint explanation. This will only change when climate protection and rubbing to central points of transport policy in the country.

"We have environmental associations have a rough expectation to the new grun-red provincial government: that they blast the black rub from baden-wurttemberg. If you did not like a black rub in the brain, you need gas in the blood, "said nabu state chairman andre baumann. From the tempolimits, the combination promises a fine dust reduction by up to ten percent. In addition, for example, for rubbing particulate filters for all diesel vehicles, stronger controls in the environmental zones, a country bike program, the expansion of public transport and a filter liability for all construction machinery.

In addition, they require that, for example, stuttgart is dispensed with strabenauss such as rosenstein tunnel, as thousands of additional vehicles could come to the city. Rather, a jerk construction makes sense. "Traffic avoidance must be a central component of the traffic policy program," said werner korn, country fuel from the transport club in germany.