Some people are said to have even brought their notebooks to the park bench to be used for the purpose

The world’s first internet park bank has naturally caused a sensation. It went online on monday. However, it soon became clear that internet infrastructures in public areas are not without risks. Already a few hours after the start, vandals tried to paralyze it.

The british branch of msn had the idea of setting up a park bench with internet access for several notebooks in the public park of bury st. Edmunds in suffolk. Edmunds park in suffolk with internet access. Then it would be possible to use the internet "in a more natural environment" enjoy. Four devices can be connected at the same time in the natural environment, if rain, wind or cold do not limit the enjoyment. The internet users were to be allowed to use the connection free of charge for three months. For safety’s sake, the bench was secured with steel straps before it was taken away. The cables from the connections in the backrests were led under the ground inside the bench to the telephone network.

Every fourth exhibitor presents electronic products

On the 52. Book fair presented itself 6.887 exhibitors, the number of new publications increased to 91.407 titles. In total, the publishers from 107 countries exhibited more than 377.000 titles exhibited. Almost every fourth manufacturer presented electronic products such as cd-roms or e-books.

E-book – reading device of the future?

80 years ago, the bauhaus planned by walter gropius was opened in dessau

For a long time the "icon of modernity" one of the most controversial buildings in the world. Now that the renovation has been completed, the myth of a sober and austere architecture is a thing of the past – the bauhaus was and is once again a colorful building.

In contrast to the gray single-family houses with red gables, in the midst of which the white crossbars stand, the bauhaus, which was opened in 1926, still has a revolutionary effect today. The house is composed of simple geometric basic forms. A university building that looks like a factory, with rooms flooded with light, freed from all the heaviness of representative architecture around 1900, the building embodies the lightness and transparency of modern designs like no other.

Service Shaft: Boom at Apple expects Google expected

Apple wants to make a lot of sales with his race – too, too, to compensate for the up and down the hardware business. At the services of the group, you usually think of icloud, apple music, apple tv + and co. – but these are only comparatively small items. Much more money is earned with commissions in the app store and what many do not know in the search business. These revenues come directly from google, because apple allows the search giant to be a family picking machine in the browser safari on iphone, ipad and mac.

Analyst: forecasts too low

According to current estimates, there were between 8 billion and $ 12 billion in us dollars. And the sum should be increased. As the well-known apple analyst katy huberty writes in a new report for the bankhaus morgan stanley, the search-driven payments to apple will "accelerate". The already optimistic predictions for the fiscal years 2021 and 2022 had to be increased, according to huberty – about three or funf percent.

The forecasts for apple’s service shaft in the coming two years are too low on wall street, criticized huberty. In the marzquartal, apple’s app store business should have been well – people are in home office and buy more apps, subscriptions and in-app buying, of which apple receive 15 or 30 percent commission. Nevertheless, apple has a catch-up hunt. Since other service-driven companies grow faster, huberty reduced their short destination of the apple share from 164 to $ 155.

The european medicines agency is trying to pull the trigger and impose useless access to important study protocols

For years, independent researchers have been trying to get access to the original protocols of clinical trials on drug addiction. The evidence is too clear that the data provided by the manufacturers and discussed in scientific journals cannot be used for any meaningful analysis. The companies not only withhold studies that are negative for them, they are not afraid to manipulate the data to their liking. This is undisputed, the only discussion is about the outcome of the catastrophe, which has led to the fact that for a large number of drugs the spectrum of effects and side effects is uncertain, let alone whether they have advantages over older substances.

The european medicines agency (ema), which is responsible for the approval of new drugs, has been conspicuously unresponsive for a long time. The lobbying was too good, the prere too strong, the jobs too important. Only public prere led to more transparency in the last years, but, as it seems, not to a rethinking in the authority.

"Buddenbrooks" and the low standards of sophisticated cinema in germany

It is by no means the case, as forest and meadow moths like to believe, that there are no capable forces for good films in germany. "They can’t do it anyway."We just don’t have the actors in germany," etc., etc., etc."Et cetera. There are many good people in all departments – costume, script, set, acting, book; people who know their craft, work carefully and are sometimes inspired. And they certainly existed in the production of "buddenbrooks," the 16-million-euro thomas mann adaptation. Nevertheless: "the ingredients were certainly all very good." was not to be taken as special praise in any restaurant.


All images: warner

Mini PC to Play: Zotac brings Magnus One with Geforce RTX 3070

In the mini-pc magnus one (ecm73070c), zotac brings powerful components to a small room. Unlike the previous advantages of the e-series, the manufacturer builds this time coarsely divide desktop hardware that exchanges when needed. Zotac positions the mini-pc as a all-rounder, which is supposed to be suitable as a workstation and gaming system.

Zotac builds in the magnus one intel’s core i7-10700 series comet lake-s (8 cores, 16 threads, 2.9-4.8 ghz). Thus, the cpu will soon be obvious to the old iron, as intel in marz 2021 wants to introduce the successor generation rocket lake-s. Also on board are nvidia’s current desktop graphics card geforce rtx 3070 with its own cheating and 8 gb of ram. In magnus one, a customized lga1200 mainboard is used, which offers space for two so-dimm memory latches. That’s enough for a maximum of 64 gb ddr4-2933-sdram. Standard mabig builds zotac 16 gb.

In the preconfigured version zotac windows 10 home installed on a 512 gb of groben m.2-ssd with sata-6g connection. In addition, a 1-tbyte hdd is included in 2.5 inch format for additional data. Users can be another m.2-ssd with pci-express-3.0 connection refuses. Alternatively, zotac wants to sell the magnus one as a barebone where builders must install data carrier and ram.

Doctoral trade in the Darknet: Police lift off the wrong workshop

In magdeburg investigators have discovered a mutual false workshop for id cards. On wednesday, about 220 officers searched three apartments and the buro camouflaged workshop, as the federal police inspector of criminality facilities hall on thursday announced. They ensured data carrier and false utensils such as printers, printing plates, seals, chemicals and film elements. It was an action of the general officer frankfurt am main, central office on the combation of the internet criminalitat, and the federal police.

Three accused at the age of 23 to 24 years, since june 2018 in the darknet on marketplace as the 2019 wallstreet market and the crimenetwork.Co under the pseudonym "fakeid-dobby" fake documents offered. According to the assortment, recipes, leading german identity cards as well as identification documents from austria, italy, czech republic, poland and hungary. The three men should thus win around 45.Have achieved 000 euros. It was predominantly paid in the crypto food bitcoin.

Documental false in 140 fall

The two 24-year-old main accusations were brought to hesse, where they were conceded on thursday the adoption warrants of the district court geuben. According to them, the information is accused of community, commercial login analysis in 140 cases. The third accused at the age of 23 is on free fuv. According to the federal police, all three non-prefixed accused fees in the case of a conviction of multi-annual imprisonment.

Surface Duo: Update makes the Folding Handy to the Xbox handheld

The android-based klapphandy surface duo becomes a kind of xbox handheld: with an update for the application xbox cloud gaming microsoft now uses both screens of the duo full. The gameplay is displayed on the upper display, during the lower screen, the controls are displayed as a touch flat. The update was already published in the usa, in germany the app in the play store has not been renewed.

With its two screens, the surface duo reminds, for example, on nintendos legendar game boy mobil consoles. The virtual game pad on the lower of the two surface screens includes all buttons that need for the respective game in touch-form. The two sticks can also be implemented as a touch-flat.

About 50 games with touch control

Not every game supports this touch input: only since april microsoft has added touch-support at 50 titles to which among others "gears 5" and "sea of thieves" belong. A complete list of games that are controllable via touch controls has published microsoft on its website.

Coraliberbre: The Corona warning app without Google services

The corona warning app (cwa), which was developed on behalf of the federal government of sap and deutsche telekom or. Android is known to know the google play services to function. This means that in germany, several million people can not install the cwa, as their smartphone does not comply with this prerequisite.

But these are not only people who are particularly important to their privacy and therefore all google services from android, but also to all customers of the chinese manufacturer huawei, which is due to legal requirements of the us government google’s services should not be used. To loose this problem, a group of developers around app-schmiede cosee gmbh from darmstadt develops the open source app coraliberbre – a fork of the official cwa, which is to run on android phones without google.

Without play services no contact tracing

Although google had promised shortly after the presentation of the contact tracing api developed together with apple, about it that this occurs at any point without play services, but this does not seem to have a rough priority. On corresponding inquiries on this topic, the group then does not even answer. It seems to be with the open source developers to ensure that more people can use the android version of the cwa. And that is not a small task. In conversation with our site explained the cosee developers how exactly the corona warning app works without google.